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Engineered Solutions, Addressing Corrosion Problems
Corrosion Equipment Division (CED) was established as we recognized that corrosion costs billions of dollars a year. Our fiberglass and lined piping systems offer our customers an excellent choice over full metallic materials. ICE’s superior
products protect against crude oil, salt water, acids and most other invasive gases, solvents and atmospheres.

Our Products Give You Excellent Corrosion and Wear Protection Against:

• Acids
• Caustics
• Corrosive Sludges & Slurries
• High Chlorides
• Brines & Salt Waters
• Solvents
• Pickle Liquors

• Deionized/Demineralized Water
• Condensate Return
• Chilled/Hot Water
• River/Make-Up Water
• Wastewaters
• Potables
• Vented Fumes

Product Benefits:


• Corrosion Resistant Inside & Outside
• Lightweight/High Strength
• Durable
• High Flows

• Ease Fabrication/Installation
• Low Maintenance
• Long Service Life
• Full Product Support



• Training & Educational Seminars
• Field/Site Supervision
• Field/Site Fabrication

• CAD Capabilities
• Shop Fabrications
• Local Inventory

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