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For over 30 years, ICE has offered our customers “Engineered Solutions” to help solve their toughest applications.

Pressure Management Equipment
Process and Utility Equipment
Tank Accessories

Engineered Products
Corrosion Products

LESER USA Safety Relief Valves> Flanged/Threaded, API-526, Sanitary Valves, Critical Service Valves, Change-Over Valves, PTFE Lined. Pilot-Operated Safety Relief Valves, Pop & Modulating Pilots Available. ICE Owned Stocking, Assembly & Repair SRV Center in W. PA. – ASME “UV” & “VR” Certified

Shand & Jurs>  Flame Control, Tank Gauges (Gauges & Accessories), Tank Valves (Conservation & Pilot), Tank Vents (Pressure, Vacuum Free & Emergency Vents), Manhole Covers, Gauge Hatches, Safety Valves Swing-Line, Vapor/Blanket, Steam Jacketed Valves and Hydraulics

Gaston Fabrication> ASME Pressure Vessels, Columns, Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Sulzer Chemtech> In Line Mixers and Viscous Fluid Heat Exchangers

GEA Rainey> Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Precision Cooling Towers> Cooling Tower Parts, Rebuilds, and New Towers

Idreco> Water Treatment Equipment – RO’s, Ion Exchange Systems, Deaerators, Filters, etc.

L&J Engineering> Level Guages, Radar, Servo, Tape Gauges, Transmitters, Magnetostrictive, Direct Digital, 4-20mA Input, Inventory Control, RTU’s, Level Alarms,
Temperature Probes, Wireless & Calibration

Shand & Jurs> Flame Control, Tank Gauges, Tank Valves, Manhole Covers, Gauge Hatches, Safety Valves Swing-Line, Vapor/Blanket, Steam Jacketed Valves and Hydraulics

Delavan> Solid & Liquid Point, Level and Continuous measurement – Ultrasonic, Capacitance & Microwave

United Electric> Mechanical Switches – Pressure, Temperature, Differential. “One Series” Programmable Switches with Local Displays. Explosion Proof Available

UE Applied Sensor Technologies> RTDs, Thermocouples, Thermistors, Sensor Box Field Repair Systems

MECS> Brink Mist Eliminatorst “Solving Opacity and Misting Problems”

Shand & Jurs> Wastewater Digester Gas Safety Equipment

NWL> Electrostatic Precipitator Power Supplies and Controls

Durlam> FRP, Derakane 470 Conservation Vents & Fittings

PPP Power Pipe & Plastics> PPP — Fiberglass Piping, Fittings, Tanks. Custom fabrication

Nil-Cor> Advanced Composite Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves, Automated/Control Valves, Ceramic and UHMWPE lined valves

Versagrate> FRP grating systems

Fusibond> Plastic Lined Piping Systems

Pepperl + Fuchs> CorrTran MV – Monitors general and localized corrosion in real time

Chemproof Polymers> Floor Coating Systems

Indumar Products> STOP IT® Pipe Repair Systems, Tank Repair Kits


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