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Fisher> is the leading global supplier of flow computers, SCADA RTUs and presets, is the single source for all your needs from field equipment to the business system. We provide the industry-specific expertise in oil and gas, water and wastewater, along with best-in-class products to help you achieve peak financial performance and long-term sustainability.

Remote Automation Solutions targets measurement and control needs in remote locations with the right technology, services and integrated architecture to deliver quantified business improvement, as well as optimum production, operations and reliability, ensuring a competitive edge.

Flow Computer and Remote Terminal Units

Zeus Power Systems> Differential Pressure Battery Chargers
The DB-1 utilizes the differential pressure that exists at natural gas distribution gate stations to power your EFM, SCADA, odorization systems, as well as on-site monitoring and detection devices. This innovative new product provides the most environmentally friendly source of free power when you need it 24/7/365.

Thermoelectric and Differential Pressure Battery Charging Systems


Freewave> FreeWave Technologies provides wireless data radio solutions around the world. FreeWave radios are used by the leading oil and gas companies worldwide and has the fastest growing installed base of wireless data solutions within the energy industry. Renowned for industry-leading low power consumption and sensitivity, FreeWave radios provide seamless, reliable, scalable solutions from the first location to the last.

High Performance Spread Spectrum & Licensed Radios

Sunwize> SunWize is a leading global provider of cost-effective and dependable power solutions for outdoor equipment anywhere in the world for applications in oil and gas, security, monitoring and control, traffic safety and telecom networks. We assist industry and government in lowering operating costs in locations where utility power is not available and with uninterruptible power supplies. Our solutions will lower your installation and maintenance costs while providing reliable power where you need it.


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