Extensive Capabilities in Automation Solutions for the Process Industries
Featuring several leading suppliers of valve automation products and services for the chemical, oil and gas, steel, pharmaceuticals, power, paper, food and beverage, and water and waste industries. Our distributors are established and well-known players in their market segments.

Our Valve Automation Division brings together well know industry leaders in valves, actuators and accessories. This Division’s focus is on providing valve automation products, assembly, testing, installation and calibration services to meet your requirements.
Over many years, we have built up a reputation for providing quality valve actuation with short lead times and backed by factory and field experts. The breadth of products we offer ensures you get a solution that best fits your application needs in a wide variety of valve operating situations. Our
offering is a combination of best-in-class technologies of pneumatic, hydraulic, gas-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, and electric actuators with controls.

Our expertise, gathered over many years in several different industries, concludes that proper actuator and controls selection is critical to reliable valve operation. Our combination of knowledge, experience, and products ensures you optimize cost, performance, reliability and safety as needed for each specific application.

Controls and Accessories Across all our Range

Basic actuators may be used to open and close the valve; however, if more functionality is required, then the actuators’ specification can be extended by the addition of one or more of the available accessories. These can be used to provide position signaling feedback to the controller, to provide positional control or make the actuator operate faster or slower. Several are available with hazardous area approvals.

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